Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Throughout this week, although it may be spring break,, we continue to work on the project. The bogie is for the most part completed thus other teams can began adding their subsystems to ours. We were able to supply the bogies and make the available for the other sub-teams in order to finish in a timely manner. Some extra wheels will be order to replace the guiding wheels. We came to realize that the guiding wheels were not big enough to keep the bogie perpendicular to the track and will cause problems. Also, we will be testing the steering to make sure no interference occur when changing rails. Overall, the bogies are almost completed and are available for the other sub-teams to implement and test their system. We hope to start assembling the entire system soon in order to make sure everything will work and also make adjustments if necessary.


Throughout this week, some adjustments where done to the bogie. The bottom wheel which prevent the bogie from rotating an undesirable angle were welded in place. The previous test showed that the wheels were placed in the wrong spot thus we needed to placed them further up. Also, once the whole bogie was welded and all adjustments were done, all parts were powder coated to prevent any corrosions. Currently, both bogies are powder coated. The steering will be place on the bogie as soon as a complicated shaft for the gear box is completed. The parts arrived within two days as previously mentioned thus we will be testing the bogie and steering on the track as soon as possible.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Throughout this week, we continue to work and build our final project. Most of the parts have been welded in place to ensure that we began to test and fix any problems. We were able to take the current bogie that we have and place it on the tracks to see any problems that may have arise. Some parts were not welded on until we tested the bogie on the rails to accurately place them in the correct spot. One thing of noticed is the since of the wheels, We might need to gather bigger guiding wheels to ensure that the bogie is sits straight and not at an angle. Also, the last parts have arrived thus we will be implementing the steering system soon enough. Overall, we are in the testing and finalizing the building stage. The other teams are dependent of us thus we want to finish as soon as possible for them to work around our bogie. We took our current bogie to the shop in order for the rest of the groups to see where they will fit and how their projects will assemble with our own. Overall, we are making good progress.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Throughout this time, the construction of the bogie has been the priority. We have been working at TechShop to finish our project as soon as possible as other teams depend on our work to get their own work done in time. We also want to have a reasonable period of time in order for us to test and resolve any flaws that we may not have yet located. Also, the final parts have been order and should be here some time soon. The gears, pulleys and timing belts are the only parts that we will not be making ourselves. Overall we should be done with proper time to test the bogie and also give the other teams time to test their own parts on our system.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Winter Break - 2/8

Lots of parts have been machined already including all sheet metal parts, most of the gearbox housing, rod ends, and square tubing, and we are getting ready to put welding the main structure together. The parts that still need to be ordered include the gears, fasteners, pulleys, and pulley belts. We will be ordering them within the next few weeks. We will continue manufacturing parts, and will beginning welding everything up soon.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Presentation 3


For the last two weeks, we've been working on getting together the BOM for all parts that will need to be purchased for the Spring semester, working on the 3rd presentation, and working on the rough draft of the final report that is due at the end of this week. There are still some details that need to be worked out. Engineering drawings for all of the parts that are going into the bogie need to be made for the final report and for manufacturing that will occur next semester. Michael has started working on these, however, it will take some time because there are so many different parts going into the bogie design. The goal for this week is to finish the rough draft of the final report in order to get feedback for the final draft which is due coming up.